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IgA Nephropathy: Can Low Potassium Diet Help Me Stop Kidney Failure

IgA Nephropathy: Can Low Potassium Diet Help Me Stop Kidney FailureEating proper diet made up of kidney-friendly foods is important for people with IgA Nephropathy. This can help relieve the symptoms and help the kidneys keep as much of their remaining function for as long as possible. While, can low potassium diet help IgA Nephropathy patients stop Kidney Failure?

Significance of a low potassium diet for IgA Nephropathy

Our kidneys are responsible for regulating minerals and fluids in the body. One example is potassium, a mineral responsible for contributing to nerve and muscle function that keeps the heart beating regularly.

In cases of IgA Kidney Disease, the kidneys fails function adequately filter potassium. So a low potassium diet is suggested to prevent hyperkalemia. Examples of low-potassium foods include eggs, shrimp, chicken, asparagus, onions, green peas, grapes, peaches and berries.

However, diet only fails to stop Renal Failure. IgA Nephropathy belongs to an autoimmune disorder caused by massive deposits of IgA immune complexes in the mesangial area of the kidneys. To stop Kidney Failure, patients should find a treatment with the following curative effects:

▪ Inhibit inflammatory reaction so as to eliminate the direct cause of renal damage and avoid further decline of kidney function.

▪ Clear up the depositions of IgA immune complexes in mesangial area so as to avoid further kidney damages.

▪ Rectify the overall immune system. By improving the immunity and regulate the immune system, the root cause of IgA Nephropathy is eliminated. So the deterioration of kidney disease can be avoided.

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