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IgA Nephropathy Healthy Lifestyle

Is Celery Safe for IgA Nephropathy Patients

Accompanied with hematuria, high blood pressure, proteinuria, swelling and some other symptoms may also appear in IgA Nephropathy patients. Then, Food Therapy just can do something. Celery is one green...[Read More]

Is Drinking Green Tea and Coffee OK for IgA Nephropathy Patients

Some people drinking green tea or coffee is OK for IgA Nephropathy patients, while some others say it isnt. In fact, moderate consumption of green tea and coffee isnt bad. However, excessive amount may...[Read More]

Foods and Drinks to Avoid with IgA Nephropathy

A healthy diet plan can help control IgA Nephropathy, while a wrong food may aggravate patients illness condition. Therefore, IgA Nephropathy patients should find what foods and drinks to avoid, so as ...[Read More]

Is Sugar Harmful for IgA Nephropathy Patients

Is sugar good or harmful for IgA Nephropathy patients? Because of damaged kidney filters or side effects of some medications, IgA Nephropathy patients may suffer from various metabolic disorders. In th...[Read More]

Diet Chart for IgA Nephropathy Patients on Dialysis

When IgA Nephropathy progresses into end stage kidney failure or even uremic stage, most of them are recommended to begin dialysis. To make these patients live easier with dialysis, a kidney-friendly d...[Read More]

Benefits of Turmeric for IgA Nephropathy Patients

Turmeric is famous as orange-colored spice especially in India and China. Besides, doctors of TCM or ayurveda also use it to fight against infection and inflammatory reactions. IgA Nephropathy is one a...[Read More]

Can IgA Nephropathy Patients Eat Peanuts

Can IgA Nephropathy patients eat peanuts? Peanuts contain a variety of nutritions, so it has a high edible and medicinal value. However, because IgA Nephropathy may cause some problems, patients should...[Read More]

The Average Lifespan of IgA Nephropathy

IgA Nephropathy is also called Bergers Disease that can cause kidneys to be inflamed. It is reported that about a lot of patients with IgA Nephropathy will have ESRD eventually. Therefore, most of them...[Read More]

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