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Toxin-Removing Therapy

Toxin-Removing Therapy is a new characteristic treatment in Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital. The most important future of this therapy is that with the use of a serious of traditional Chinese medicines, it can eliminate toxins through defecation and sweats thus providing a better inside environment for the application of other medicine.

Toxin-Removing Therapy

What is the root causes of kidney disease?

There are two reasons for that can cause kidney disease: primary and secondary.

Primary reason is due to the inherent shortage of kidney; and the secondary reason is due to the bad habits which means intake too much fat, sugar and protein, and serious environment can cause many heavy metal ions get into the body. With this condition, the oxidase will get damaged and lead to the decrease of the antioxidant ability. Then toxins such as oxygen radical, immune complex, heavy metal ions, and other materials include all kinds of blood lipids, blood glucose, blood uric acid, serum creatinine, blood urea, etc.. with all these toxins and damage, there forms a vicious circulation between toxins and kidney damage.

Why kidney disease relapse

The root causes of the relapse of the kidney disease are the toxins inside the blood. If treatment can not eliminate the toxins, it can hardly cure the kidney disease from the root. And the disease will relapse again and again.

How to treat kidney disease

Toxin-Removing Therapy

Western treatment aims at treating the complications, and so does some Chinese medicine. Treatment should aim at the root causes: blood toxins and kidney damage. Only eliminating the toxins out of the blood circulation, can the disordered immune system become normal. Only repair the damaged kidney tissue at the same time, the kidney is able to eliminate the extra toxins in the kidney.

How to treat kidney disease with Toxin-Removing Therapy

Toxin-Removing Therapy

The Toxin-Removing Therapy is aiming at the root causes and uses a serious of treatment to eliminate the toxins and repair the damaged kidney tissue at the same time.

For the Toxin-Removing Therapy, it is created by the professional expert's group in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. Through several decades of clinical experience in treating and researching kidney diseases, combined with traditional Chinese medicine formula and samples, they create this serious of treatment for kidney diseases.


Avoid misdiagnose. Kidney disease has a complex cause, which makes diagnose more difficult. So, patients should go to the experts for help instead of any doctor.

Find an effective therapy. For now, western medicine has no effective treatment in treating kidney disease from the root, but Chinese medicine has a serious treatment to help patients improve kidney condition.

Once there is an effective way, insist on. When treating kidney disease, patients should follow doctor's direction and cooperate with them. Taking medicine as doctors direction, do recheck regularly, and regular exercise and keep a healthy diet to avoid further damage. Only in this way, the effects will be much better.