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Alternative Therapies to Surgery for Renal Cyst and Kidney Stone

I was diagnosed with renal cyst and kidney stone. I want to know a best form of treatment because I don't want to go for surgery. I have been taking lots of water, apple cider vinegar and lemon juice....[Read More]

Homeopathy Treatment Fails to Treat CKD

Sir, my cousin is affected by chronic kidney disease for the past three years, and she was in homeopathy treatment. Now she is very sick with breathing problems and swelling in leg. What can we do?...[Read More]

Creatinine 5.8, BUN 82 and GFR 7: What to Do

I am 62 year old woman with PKD. I have good potassium, and my blood pressure is under control. My blood test shows creatinine 5.8, BUN 82 and GFR 7. How to manage them?...[Read More]

How to Reduce Creatinine 5.3 and Swelling in Both Feet

Good morning. My creatinine level is 5.3 mg/dl, and I have swelling in both feet. How to manage my problems?...[Read More]

Does Drinking More Water Reduce High Creatinine Level

My has high creatinine level 6.1, no swelling and no high blood pressure. Does drinking more water reduce high creatinine level?...[Read More]

Is Creatinine 13 and Urea 123 Dangerous

How to lower creatinine and urea? My urea is 123mg/dl, and creatinine is 13mg/dl. I am age 46 and female....[Read More]

GFR Drops from 60 to 20: Is Chinese Osmotherapy Helpful

I have had a drop in my GFR from 60 to 20 in 1 year. I also have had limb and girdle muscular dystrophy for over 50 years. Can Chinese osmotherapy help improve my GFR?...[Read More]

Is Back Pain Dangerous for Kidney Shrinkage Patients

My doctor just said I have kidney shrinkage. What does it mean? Also, I got blood in urine and pain in my back which last couple days. Are they dangerous?...[Read More]

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