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Systemic Treatments for High Creatinine Level 6.9, Urea 168

Hi,my husband creatinine level 6.9, urea 168, protein in urine. Any medicine or diet suggestion?...[Read More]

What Does GFR 28, BUN 41 Mean

I have gotten my urine and blood test. It says GFR 28 and BUN 41. What does it mean? Can you tell me more about my test result? Thanks. Please find attached my latest blood and urine test. I haven't do...[Read More]

Kidney Failure: 42 Years Old, Anemia, High Albumin and Potassium Level

As discussed with you, my brother-in-law is only 42 years, a hard core vegetarian, non smoker, non drinker. Is there any way this can be medically treated, then going through dialysis or kidney transpl...[Read More]

Kidney Biopsy:What Does"19 out of 27 Glomeruli Have Sclerosed" Mean

Here is my kidney biopsy result. It says: Clinically, to consider post-infectious glomerulonephritis versus membranous glomerulonephritis versus focal segmental glomerulosclerosis. Immune complex-medi...[Read More]

Is There Any Way to Get Rid of Dialysis for Kidney Function 9%

what is the latest possible treatment for chronic kidney failure is there any way o get rid of dialysis? I am on dialysis,had a transplant year back. But it failed just after a month. Is there any poss...[Read More]

Nephritis: Is Ketosteril Good to Reduce High Creatinine Level 2.8

I have been diagnosed with Nephritis since 2 years ago and now my creatinine level is 2.8 and I know it is high. Is Ketosteril a Good Choice for me to control the high creatinine level? Please give me ...[Read More]

Can Atrophic Kidney Affect The Other Kidney

My father is 65 years old. He had a big stone in right ureter operated for extraction 15 years ago around 6 cm *5 cm and he did IVU at that time. But it shows that the right kidney do not work now. By ...[Read More]

What Does Kidney Scarring, But Normal Kidney Size Mean

Hello, I'm a CKD stage3 patient and got it diagnosed couple of months before. And my latest medical report shows kidney scarring, but normal kidney size. What does it mean?...[Read More]

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