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Does Decreased Creatinine Level Indicate Kidney Function Improvement

I have Kidney Disease for years and always with high creatinine levels. Recently, my creatinine levels lowers down from 2.98 to 1.72. Is it a good sign to say a kidney function improvement?...[Read More]

Is There Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy in United States

Actually my dad right side kidney is functioning 20% and left one 80%. I am worrying about this. Can Micro-Chinese Medicine works on his condition? And can this therapy improve kidney function? Is Ther...[Read More]

Treatment Suggestion for CKD stage 3 Caused by Lupus

My husband was just diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease caused by Lupus. He is a nervous wreck over it. And his creatinine level elevates also. I'm worried about him handling it mentally. What do you...[Read More]

Treatment for FSGS After Kidney Transplant

I am a FSGS patient and my kidney disease comes back after kidney transplant. If the Chinese treatment does help me, what happens? do I still need a transplant? Do my native kidneys start working again...[Read More]

ESRD: GFR 26.4, Anemia, Cell cept, Prednisone

I am an ESRD patient and my GFR is 26.4. I attached all my latest reports taking in consideration.My main medication is as follows :1- cell cept,neural,valtrex,prednisone....[Read More]

Can Cranberry Lower Creatinine Levels

My father has a level of creatinine 691, then after 10 days @over 1000. I am searching for oriental therapy for him. Can cranberry lower creatinine levels?...[Read More]

Is FSGS Fatal

I was just diagnosed FSGS. And I am interested to know "is FSGS fatal"?...[Read More]

Is it Surgery Necessary to Separate the Horse Shoe Kidney

My son aged 4 years has horse shoe kidney. Is there a surgery for separating the kidneys....[Read More]

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