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CKD Basics

What Does GFR 41 Mean in Stage 3 CKD

What does GFR 41 mean in stage 3 CKD? If you have interest in this topic, please keep reading. What does GFR 41 mean? In clinical, chronic kidney disease is categorized into five parts on the basis of ...[Read More]

Can GFR 51 Be Reversed

GFR refers to glomerular filtration rate that is the most reliable indicator to reflect how well kidneys are functioning. GFR 51 means about half of patients kidney function is lost and their illness c...[Read More]

Kidney Failure Stage 4: How Bad is Protein in a 24-Hour Urine 178

If a person with Kidney Failure Stage 4 has urine protein 178, it means that he has elevated protein level in the urine. With early treatment, the condition can be well managed. ...[Read More]

Kidney Shut Down: Does It Cause Death

Kidney shut down means kidneys fail their ability to play their function. So far, chronic kidney disease is still one big problem in medicine. Once kidney shut down, many patients think it means death ...[Read More]

Should I Be Worried If I Have Kidney Disease And Vomiting

Kidney disease can cause many obvious health problems in patients body, among which vomiting is very common. Vomiting is a rebarbative condition, which can cause patients to have loss of appetite. Besi...[Read More]

Can Loss Of Kidney Function Cause Leg Swelling

Leg swelling is a common symptom in patients with kidney disease, which is a terrible condition, because it looks scaring firstly, and it can take lots of inconvenience to patients life. Is swelling le...[Read More]

How Does Renal Parenchyma Disease Cause Hypertension

Renal parenchymal disease means patients renal parenchyma is damaged, which is in charge of the kidney work for our body. Kidney plays a key role in regulating our internal balance, so the damage in re...[Read More]

What Are The Causes Of Renal Parenchymal Disease

Kidney is divided into the renal vascular part and the renal parenchymal part, and Renal Parenchymal Disease refers to damage in the renal parenchymal part. Renal parenchyma is the part which is in cha...[Read More]

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