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CKD Healthy Lifestyle

Can I Eat Breadfruit If I Have Chronic Kidney Disease

Breadfruit is the large fruit similar to jackfruit, figs, mulberries, and so on. Because it has unique flavor, many people like to eat breadfruit. Can Chronic Kidney Disease patients eat breadfruit? Wi...[Read More]

Can Kidney Disease Patients Drink Vodka

Vodka is one type of common alcohol in Russia that is made from grain or potato. Regardless of its ingredients, vodka is alcohol. Is it OK to drink vodka with Chronic Kidney Disease? In fact, any kind ...[Read More]

Which Foods to Take with Grade 1 Chronic Parenchymal Disease and Creatinine 3.7

Grade 1 chronic renal parenchymal disease can cause kidney filters to lose their ability gradually. Creatinine 3.7 means kidneys have been damaged severely. Then, patients should be careful about their...[Read More]

Is Sourdough Bread OK for CKD Patients

Just like other people have an affinity for certain type of bread, most chronic kidney disease patients especially from western countries also want to choose one healthy and good taste bread to eat. Is...[Read More]

Can I Drink Chai Tea with Chronic Kidney Disease

Can I drink chai tea with kidney disease like FSGS and IgA Nephropathy? Chai tea is one type of traditional Indian tea that has been used for long term to treat a lot of ailments. Is it beneficial for ...[Read More]

What Foods Are Good for Person with Renal Parenchymal Disease

If one person is diagnosed with renal parenchymal disease, it means patients kidney functioning tissues have been damaged. A healthy diet can support the medical therapy to manage it. What foods are go...[Read More]

Chronic Kidney Disease Diet and Black Pepper

Black pepper is made from black peppercorns, and it has been used in many countries as a spice. When chronic kidney disease patients want to add this spice into their kidney-friendly diet, they should ...[Read More]

Is Okra OK to Eat for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

Okra is one green vegetable that grows in warm weather. For patients with chronic kidney disease, they are usually recommended to eat more vegetable and fruits but not all. Can kidney disease patients ...[Read More]

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