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CKD Symptoms

What Happens to The Body When Kidneys Are Shutting Down

When kidneys are shutting down, impaired kidneys are unable to do their work normally. With the deposits of waste products and toxins and some other disorders, a series of discomforts may happen to the...[Read More]

Alternative Ways to Stop A Kidney Leaking Protein

Normally, a small amount of protein can appear in the urine, because kidneys can make protein stay in the body. If kidneys begin to leak protein, patients should take some alternative ways to stop kidn...[Read More]

Hypoglycemia for Kidney Disease Patients

Today, we are here to introduce the information of hypoglycemia on chronic kidney disease patients. If you have any question about this topic, you can consult the doctor online directly. Why do kidney ...[Read More]

Kidney Disease Patients Have Numbness in Kidney Area with Hotness

Normally, every people have two kidneys that are located in the lower abdomen. If kidneys are damaged, some disorders in kidney area may appear. Some CKD patients complain numbness in their kidney area...[Read More]

Home Remedies to Treat Cold Feet and Kidney Disease

Quite a number of patients with kidney disease are tormented by cold feet even though in hot weather. Some home remedies are helpful to alleviate cold feet for CKD patients. Cold feet, hands or legs fo...[Read More]

Early Symptoms of Kidney Malfunction

Kidney malfunction is one condition in which kidney function declines gradually. In early stage, many patients with chronic kidney disease cant perceive they have kidney problem because of subtle sympt...[Read More]

How to Control Chloride Level in Blood with CKD

The chloride function in blood is similar to sodium, and it can help maintain electrolyte, acid-base and osmotic pressure balance. For patients with chronic kidney disease, they may be tested out high ...[Read More]

Kidney Patient Have Lower Stomach Pain and Go Often to Washroom

I am a kidney disease patients. Recently, I have lower back pain and lower stomach pain and often go to washroom. Sometimes, I also find blood in my urine. Why do I have these problems? Yesterday, one ...[Read More]

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