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CKD Symptoms

Test find only one renal, what should I do

Recently, there is a patients asked about that one day, he made an ultrasound, but doctors found only one kidney inside. What should he do? When it is diagnosed, only one kidney inside of patient, ever...[Read More]

Will High Urine Acid Cause Kidney Damage

Q: Can I drink beer with eat sea food? Some people say this will increase urine acid. Well, what is high urine acid and what cause it? A: As we all know there are Three High which refers to high blood ...[Read More]

Does Protein Urine Means Kidney Disease

To some patients who do not know about kidney diseases and the complications, they may believe when protein urine occur just means your kidneys have problems. So there are many patients consult that is...[Read More]

Hypertension and Kidney Disease: Natural Treatment to Improve the Condition

Hypertensive kidney disease is a medical condition referring to damage to the kidney due to chronic high blood pressure. Hypertensive Nephropathy can be divided into two types: benign and malignant. Ca...[Read More]

CKD and Toxin-Removing Therapy: Can This Treatment Reduce Protein in Urine

Protein in urine can be found in urine test. And if you are suffer from this, for a long term, it means your kidneys have been damaged. Toxin-Removing Therapy is said effect in treating this, what abou...[Read More]

CKD Stage 3 and Skin Itching: How to Release with Natural Remedy

Skin itching relates to kidney diseases. It can occur in different stage, and when it occur, if it is a long term complication, you should find a treatment to improve, and before that, do remember phys...[Read More]

Chronic Kidney Disease and Edema: Which Treatment Can Improve

Edema often occur in kidney disease, and will make us look fat. Long term of edema will cause complications such as shortness breath, fatigue and tired. Which treatment can improve edema as well as kid...[Read More]

Kidney Disease and Swelling: Can dialysis Improve That

Swelling is caused by fluids build up in body, and it can cause other complications such as body edema, organ edema and infection. When it occurs in kidney failure stage, or ESRD, can dialysis help tre...[Read More]

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