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Is Astragalus Good for Kidney Patients

astragalus for kidney disease Kidney disease is now a common problem, and astragalus has been used to treat kidney illness for many years. How does Astragalus treat kidney disease?

Astragalus has many functions, including:

1. Improve immunity

Astragalus can tonify qi. It is applicable to qi deficiency caused by weakness, edema, cough, and shortness of breath caused by Lung Qi deficiency. Besides, it can also prevent cold.

2. Reduce blood sugar

Astragalus has a bidirectional regulation effect on blood glucose, which can not only reduce the high blood glucose caused by diabetes, but also raise blood glucose caused by hypoglycemia from drug taking.

3. Reduce blood pressure

Astragalus also has a bidirectional regulation effect on blood pressure.

4. Eliminate swelling

It can eliminate swelling from diabetes and kidney disease. Also it is effective for idiopathic edema.

5. Protect liver

Polysaccharides in Astragalus can promote the synthesis of "ribonucleic acid" and "protein", and make cells grow vigorously and live longer.

6. Delay kidney failure

Modern medicine has proved that astragalus can reduce the inflammatory factors such as il-1, il-6, TNF-, etc. and reduce renal fibrosis, which is conducive to the protection of renal function.

However, not all patients can take Astragalus. Astragalus is not suitable for the following populations:

1. Those with damp-heat syndrome

Those with dry mouth, bitter mouth, red face, dry or sticky stool and greasy tongue are not suggested to take Astragalus.

2. Those with toxic heat type

Generally speaking, it is a person with sepsis infection, such as purulent tonsillitis, acute appendicitis, peritonitis, or skin sores.

The above tells you the advantages and disadvantage of Astragalus. If you have any doubt, welcome to consult our online doctor or email We will reply you as soon as possible.

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