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How Do Chronic Kidney Failure Patients Get Good Sexual Life

How Do Chronic Kidney Failure Patients Get Good Sexual LifeChronic Kidney Failure is a serious health problem that damages your whole body. Treatment and post-treatment can both have obvious effect on sexual life.

The related factors of declined sexual function in kidney failure include:

1. Physiological dysfunction

Chronic kidney dysfunction patients often have anemia, high blood pressure, nausea and vomiting from elevated creatinine and urea level, and poor myocardial function. These factors can all cause sexual dysfunction.

2. Abnormality in hormone metabolism

Females with serious kidney dysfunction often have symptom of estrogen inadequacy like amenorrhea, less menstrual cycle, infertility, breast atrophy, atrophic vaginitis, vaginal lubrication decline and so on; The serum androgen level of male patients decreased significantly, which was only half of that of normal people. Some patients have hypothyroidism and show symptoms of low sexual desire and impotence.

3. Neurological factor

Because of the effect of toxins in uremia, it causes neurological retrogression and functional disorder, slowed nerve conduction velocity and neurologic decline. Changes in the nervous system affect the autonomic nervous system of the pelvic cavity, so sexual dysfunction occurs.

4. Concomitant disease and drug factors

The effect of certain diseases that cause chronic kidney failure on sexual function has nothing to do with the degree of kidney damage such as diabetes and high blood pressure. But the treatment for some concomitant diseases can affect sexual function. 3-4 kinds of antihypertensive drugs are used together, which can restrain sexual desire and cause impotence.

5. Psychological factors

Kidney failure is a serious life threatening disease and patients can have decreased sexual desire and sexual dysfunction due to depression, anxiety, fear and financial burden.

The sexual quality of patients with chronic renal insufficiency was not satisfactory during renal insufficiency, dialysis, or after kidney transplantation. 90% male patients and 80% female patients have declined sexual desire when they get sick. The control ability of male patient to ejaculate drops apparently, ejaculate time is advanced and they feel not good about orgasm. About 3/4 female patients have difficulty in sexual arousal and most female patients have secondary orgasmic dysfunction, manifested as the obvious decline or even completely disappear of frequency or intensity of orgasm.

Kidney failure patients can choose dialysis to prolong their life but dialysis can not improve their sexual function. Nowadays the best treatment for kidney failure is a systematic Chinese Medicine Treatment which can repair kidney damage and improve renal function. When your own renal function is improved, your sexual ability can be improved radically. It is the safest and effective treatment for kidney patients.

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