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Diabetes Basics

Diabetic Foot

What is diabetic foot? Many diabetic patients must have encountered such a situation, the injuries cannot recovery quickly. Do you have this confusion? Now we will give you some information about why y...[Read More]

How Does Diabetes Damage Kidneys

At present, diabetes especially type 2 diabetes is the leading cause of chronic kidney disease in end stage. Making clear how diabetes damages kidneys can help diabetics prevent Diabetic Nephropathy ef...[Read More]

Can Long-Term Diabetes Cause Kidney Damage

Diabetes is one systemic metabolic disease, and it is often accompanied by high blood sugar. If uncontrolled effectively, diabetes will cause damage to many organs. Will long-term diabetes cause kidney...[Read More]

Top 7 Misunderstandings about Diabetes

With the changes of lifestyle and eating habits, the incidence rate of diabetes has become higher and higher. In the prevention and treatment of diabetes, patients are more likely to have some misunder...[Read More]

Kidney Failure And Diabetes: Are They Inheritable

Both diabetes and kidney failure can cause severe problems to patients health, which can cause huge financial burden to patients family. And are these diseases inheritable? Diabetes and kidney failure ...[Read More]

Life Expectancy of Diabetes and Kidney Failure on Dialysis

People with Diabetes and kidney failure do extremely poorly on dialysis, and their average life span on this treatment is less than half that of non-diabetics....[Read More]

Diabetes and Excessive Sweating: Causes and Treatment

Diabetes is a chronic condition which occurs due to the inability of the body to correctly regulate the blood glucose level.Diabetics may experience excessive sweating....[Read More]

Mostly Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ) on Diabetes

Diabetes is a health problem in which blood sugar levels are high than the normal range. Read on and find the top FAQs on diabetes. What is blood sugar? Blood sugar, also called blood glucose, is the e...[Read More]

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