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Can Long-Term Diabetes Cause Kidney Damage

Can Long-Term Diabetes Cause Kidney DamageDiabetes is one systemic metabolic disease, and it is often accompanied by high blood sugar. If uncontrolled effectively, diabetes will cause damage to many organs. Will long-term diabetes cause kidney damage?


Diabetes has two common types: type 1 and type 2. Type 1 diabetes has the familial tendency, while type 2 diabetes is mainly caused by eating too much food and decline of physical activity. These problems can induce the deficiency of insulin secretion or damage of insulin biological function, resulting in high blood sugar. Finally, diabetes occurs.

Diabetes and kidney damage

At present, diabetes is the leading cause of kidney disease especially end stage. This is because kidneys are responsible for eliminating extra sugar from the body. High blood sugar level makes kidneys work harder to remove extra sugar. Long-term diabetes causes overwork for kidneys for a long time. Then, kidney capillaries are damaged easily. As kidney filtering system is damaged, it indicated the onset of diabetic kidney disease, also called Diabetic Nephropathy. From this point, we can know kidneys are more likely to be involved in long-term diabetes.

How to prevent kidney disease for diabetics?

For diabetics, the most effective method to prevent kidney damage is to manage diabetes tightly. As long as diabetes is controlled very well, patients can stay away from a series of related complications easily. To achieve this goal, patients are suggested to follow a sugar-free diet plan and take antidiabetic medicines with the doctor’s guidance.

Besides, doing gentle exercise regularly can also help keep blood sugar in normal value and manage high blood pressure, one common complication of diabetes.

Now, we have known the link between diabetes and kidney damage. To learn more about these problems, you can leave a message below or email to

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