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Diabetes Healthy Lifestyle

Jobs with High Risk of Getting Chronic Kidney Diseases

America publish the occupation with high risk of getting chronic kidney diseases: Legal profession Health care industry Food and service industry Production industry Computer and IT Transportation Medi...[Read More]

Pay Attention: Person Easy to Get Diabetes and Precautions

According to the official data this June in China, it shows that there are half of adults in the prediabetes states. Why it is so severe? Why so many people in prediabetes states? What should we do? In...[Read More]

Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapies for Diabetic Foot

Patients must find an effective treatment when they find they get the diabetic foot. Generally, Chinese patients would like choose Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat their disease. Chinese medicine ...[Read More]

Is Mangosteen Good for Diabetics and Dialysis Patients

Mangosteen is honored as the queen of fruit which has abundant nutrition and medical value for people. But for patients with diabetes and dialysis, they should be alert to food they eat daily. Because ...[Read More]

Is Dragon Fruit Good for Diabetics

Dragon fruit can be found in any big supermarket. Because of its good taste and rich nutrients, many people love to eat dragon fruit. At present, diabetes is one common metabolic disorder. For diabetic...[Read More]

What to Eat and Avoid with Diabetes and Stage 4 CKD

If Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease is caused by diabetes, patients may find their diet plan doesnt change a lot. If you are experiencing diabetes and Stage 4 CKD, you must want to know what to eat and a...[Read More]

"Palm Rule" Teaches Diabetics to Develop A Healthy Diet Plan

Diabetes is one common metabolic disorder in our daily life. Along with medical therapy, food therapy plays an important role. Palm Rule can guide diabetics to arrange a correct diet plan to manage the...[Read More]

Should People with Diabetes Drink Bitter Gourd Juice

No matter whether people only have diabetes or accompanied by some other complications like diabetic kidney disease, controlling blood sugar is always one of their biggest concerns. Bitter gourd juice,...[Read More]

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