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Pay Attention: Person Easy to Get Diabetes and Precautions

Pay Attention: Person Easy to Get Diabetes and Precautions

According to the official data this June in China, it shows that there are half of adults in the prediabetes states. Why it is so severe? Why so many people in prediabetes states? What should we do?

In prediabetes stage, blood sugar is abnormal already, but is not as severe as diabetes. In this stage, postprandial blood sugar is between 7.8mmol/L to 11.1mmol/L, or fasting blood-glucose 6.1mmol/L to 7.0mmol/L.

These people is in risk to develop into prediabetes:

Parents have diabetes;

Over 45 years old;

Largewaist, more than 90cm in male, and 85 in female;

Used to sitting a long time;

Hypertension or hyperlipemia;

Over 30 years pregnant woman, or gestational diabetes;


Five years later, there is a half of prediabetes will develop into diabetes;

One quarter remain prediabetes;

One quarter get normal through exercise and diet adjusting.

How to adjust diet and exercise?

Low fat, sugar, salt, high fiber vegetarian diet. Add the ingestion of unsaturated fatty acid, avoid fatty food, fried food, and control the everyday caloric intake. Foods benefit blood sugar are: Bitter buckwheat, pumpkin, celery, wax gourd, bamboo shoots, fungus, mushrooms, onions, carrots; white meat(fish, chicken, duck) is better than red meat(pork, beef, mutton), coarse food fine-grain crop should take place by turn.

Regular exercise, lose weight, and reduce largewaist. Exercise more than 5 times each week, and each time no less than 30 minutes. Running, badminton, Taiji Sword, riding, climb mountains are suggested.

If exercise can not help control, medicine should be used. But, small dose medicine is used to delay or prevent diabetes, because in this stage, patients still can secrete insulin.

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