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Treatment for Chronic Nephritis, Fluctuating Blood Sugar Level, Diabetes

Q: I suffered from Chronic nephritis and I am a diabetes. Regarding my diabetes, I suspect that I had contracted it earlier than year 2006 without my being aware of it.It was only diagnosed in 2006 when various challenges confronted me and disrupted my normal lifestyle. Regarding my eye ground tests done twice in year 2006 and 2012 respectively, I will forward copies to you by the 3rd January 2013 as this is when my eye doctor resumes office. Can you help analysis my medical report and tell me your treatment for my case?

A: Plus the information you offered, as for the diagnosis, we have two suspections:

1) You have already suffered from Chronic Nephritis before 2006, your kidneys are injured gradually, near 2006 you were diagnosed with Diabetes, the fluctuating blood sugar also badly affected your kidneys, making kidney disease more serious, then when you were diagnosed with kidney disease, you have already been in the last stage, the fifth stage of CKD.

2) Your kidneys are injured only by Diabetes, while you have already suffered from Diabetes for long term before 2006, but you didn't aware of it, as for patients with Diabetes, eye problem and kidney problem occur simultaneously, because both the kidneys and the eyes contain numerous tiny blood vessels.

If you can send me your eye ground tests, it can help us make out the diagnosis.

But now it's sure that you have already in CKD 5 stage, dialysis is a way to help you reduce Creatinine level, while I think you should know dialysis can't help you reduce Creatinine level to the normal range, so it means there are still much toxin in your body although you are on dialysis now, pleas consider how your kidneys can protect themselves in such toxic environment, so your kidneys are still being injured although you are on dialysis now, after several years, such as 5 or 6 yrs, your doctor will suggest kidney transplant for you.

We use systematic therapy to help patients protect the kidneys, prevent the kidney function from reducing and help them improve kidney function. In Kidney Service China, we mainly use external Chinese herbal therapy, oral Chinese herbal therapy, foot massage and herbal bath, the treatment plan for each patient is made based on each patient's specific illness history and symptoms, even two patients have the same illness history and symptoms, but their ages are different, the treatment plans for them also may be different.

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