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Type1 Diabetes,4 Year Old Boy,19+ Blood Sugar Level,Normal HbA1C

Q: 4 year old son diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in July this year. No history of diabetes in family. Early mild symptoms preceded shock [19+ blood sugar] only ~3 weeks [very sudden]. Reasonably stable with insulin ~ 12 unit/day. Will put on insulin pump next week. Son tall for age, 22Kg [father 1.9M], physically active Family diet reasonably healthy - oats, buckwheat for breakfast, fruits, meat/chicken/fish, avoid chemical additives.

A: Glad to know his Hb A1C is good, it is quite necessary to make Hb A1C in this level but not very enough.

Type 1 diabetes has direct relation with autoimmune defect, for patients with this disease can easily produce special antibodies. Those antibodies can cause abnormal immune reaction, during this course, immune complex can be produced and damage the internal condition Qi (vital-energy) usually runs not well and blood supply can become insufficient to those internal organs, no exception for pancreas.

Correspondingly, beta cells in pancreas can be damaged due to insufficiency of blood and nutrition supply. Over time, pancreas could not produce insulin properly, blood sugar becomes high. Especially for young patients, their pancreas is fragile, so they are more easily to suffer from zero-insulin production.

Indeed, insulin is a very direct way to decrease blood sugar, but you need know, diabetes is a systematic disorder in the body. That is not only involving blood sugar but also many metabolic wastes can mess up in the body, say cholesterol, the combination of sugar and protein, triglyceride and etc. Those can cause more severe impairments to the body.

To treat type 1 Diabetes, we need check out autoimmune disorder and immune reaction. When this figures out, specific Immunotherapy can be given to stop those negative immune reactions, so there is no more immune complex can deposit in pancreas again.

Meanwhile, we use Chinese medicine has special advantages to promote vital energy and blood supply. Those old deposition can disappear with the improvement of blood circulation. Correspondingly, those beta cells can get recovered to produce insulin again. This is our general treatment thinking, certainly, after checking patient's body, specific treatment solution can be given.

Hope the above explanation gives you some help to understand the treatment. For such a young boy, it is not enough to just take insulin and wait passively. A comprehensive treatment is better than a single one.

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