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What Does Microalbumin in Urine 28.9 Mean for Diabetes

What Does Microalbumin in Urine 28.9 Mean for DiabetesOne person consulted online and asked what microalbumin in urine 28.9mg/dl means for diabetes. To maintain patients' overall health, diabetics are often suggested to do blood and urine test regularly. Excessive amount of albumin in urine is more likely to indicate kidney damage for diabetics.

In normal condition, there is little albumin in urine that should be less than 20 mg/L in urine. If the amount of albumin in urine ranges from 20 to 200mg/L, it means albuminuria and abnormal albumin leakage.

Microalbuminuria 28.9 for diabetics

Microalbumin in urine 28.9 mg/L is higher than the normal value, so it indicates albuminuria. This is the early sign of diabetes to damage kidneys, and it indicates the onset of Diabetic Nephropathy. If uncontrolled effectively, diabetic nephropathy will progress into kidney failure quickly. Fortunately, kidney damage caused by diabetes in this stage is still reversible.

How does diabetes damage kidneys?

If uncontrolled well, high blood sugar will attack blood vessels in kidneys and make kidneys work harder to eliminate extra sugar from the body. The overwork leads kidneys to fail to work gradually. Albuminuria or proteinuria is one sign of kidney damage for diabetics.

How to reduce microalbuminuria and treat Diabetic Nephropathy effectively?

The treatment should begin from controlling blood sugar and repairing damaged kidney filtering structure. Once these therapeutic effects are achieved, patients don't need to worry about microalbuminuria any more.

To lower high blood sugar, patients should follow a sugar-free diet plan and take correct diabetic medications. If these methods fail to work, you can consult the doctor online to get more suggestions.

As for fixing damaged kidney cells, we would like to recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It is one effective treatment that can help nourish kidneys, normalize blood vessels in kidneys and prompt the regeneration of damaged kidney cells. Finally, patients' kidney problem can be dealt very well. If you are interested about this treatment, you can leave a message below.

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