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Diabetes Symptoms

Unable to Urinate and Swollen Feet for Diabetics

It is commonly seen that diabetics produce excessive urine. However, some diabetics indeed complain they are unable to urinate. Along with it, swollen feet occurs easily. Do you have a similar experien...[Read More]

Creatinine Rises from 2.9 to 6.8 for Diabetics

The increase of serum creatinine level should be one big concern for diabetics, because it is more likely to indicate kidney condition is worsening. Creatinine rises from 2.9 to 6.8 that must be one da...[Read More]

The Causes and Treatments of Frothy Urine for Diabetes

Frothy urine, or foamy urine, indicates there are bubbles in urine. This symptom often occurs along with diabetes. It may reveal severe underlying conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to find out the...[Read More]

Why Diabetics Get Fever Whenever He Goes for Urine

As time goes on, diabetes may attack various organs and systems, if high sugar level is uncontrolled effectively. Many diabetics complain they get fever whenever they go for urine. That is to say, burn...[Read More]

Is Creatinine 247 and Albumin in Urine Bad for Diabetics

Diabetes is one common disease all over the world, and this disease can cause damage to various organs as well as kidneys as time goes on. Yesterday, one people told us his mother is one diabetic with ...[Read More]

Diabetes and Creatinine Level 2.9 What Stage of CKD

For a person with Diabetes, if his creatinine level increases to 2.9, he is generally at Stage 3 CKD....[Read More]

Diabetes: High Creatinine Level, Low Potassium Level, Poor Appetite

Q: I am a diabetic. And what i suffered is High Creatinine Level, Low Potassium Level and poor appetite. I attach my medical report, please reply me as soon as possible. Thanks. A: thanks for your inqu...[Read More]

Diabetes: What Does Foamy Urine Mean

Foamy urine means there presents foam in your urine. What if foamy urine happens in patients with diabetes? Diabetes Diabetes refers to metabolic diseases in which the person has high blood glucose (bl...[Read More]

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