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Diabetes Symptoms

Diabetes: Small Left Kidney, Raised Texture, Less Sodium Level

Q: My ultrasound report says - left kidney is small in size and Raised texture on both kidneys.In Serum sodium test it is found that it is less than normal value.he has given medicines for the same. I ...[Read More]

Limb Amputation and Diabetes

People with diabetes are more likely to have limb amputated than other people. Each year, over half of all amputations in the United States are caused by diabetes mellitus and subsequent complications,...[Read More]

Diabetes and Edema Legs

Diabetes not only means the elevated blood sugar levels, but also affects other systems, such as circulatory system, kidneys, liver, heart, eyes, nervous system etc. If you find edema legs, it is time ...[Read More]

Diabetes: Sudden Increased Creatinine Level and Urine Output 600ml

Q: I am a diabetic and high blood pressure patient. My creatinine level is stabilized around 3.9mg/dl in the past and suddenly its changing and reached up 11.5 mg/dl. So I feel very worried. My urine v...[Read More]

Frothy Urine in Diabetes

Forthy urine or foamy urine can be seen in some cases of diabetes. If this condition occurs frequently, you should never neglect it as it may indicate serious problems. Forthy urine in diabetes may be ...[Read More]

What Cause Forthy Urine and Puffy Eyes and Faces in Diabetes

Q: My brother has diabetes for 14 years and He is 53 years old now. As of now he dont have any kind of swelling but before starting the dialysis, he had the problem of puff in Face and legs, specially ...[Read More]

Type1 Diabetes: living with proteinuria

Diabetes usually affects kidneys while proteinuria is a common symptoms of Kidney Disease. Thereby, proteinuria usually indicates a Kidney Damage in people with diabetes type1. Read on and find the det...[Read More]

Diabetes: Kidney Shrinkage, Low Blood Pressure, Electrolyte Disorder, Proteinuria

Q: I am 55 years of age having diabetes from last 27 years. Off late on 16th of January, 2013 I had Angioplasty and accordingly was detected with high creatinine level of 7.1, Hb (Haemoglobin) 9.7 gm/d...[Read More]

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