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Can People Who Are Diabetic Be On Peritoneal Dialysis

Can People Who Are Diabetic Be On Peritoneal DialysisWith changes of diet and lifestyle, diabetes has been the most common cause of chronic kidney disease especially end stage. If you have diabetes and are recommended to do dialysis, peritoneal dialysis (PD) and hemodialysis (HD) are two treatment options. However, peritoneal dialysis takes glucose-based solutions, so patients may wonder whether diabetics can be on peritoneal dialysis.

Diabetes is one metabolic disorder that includes two types: type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. If uncontrolled well, high glucose level will attack kidney filtering system. When diabetic kidney disease develops into kidney failure, peritoneal dialysis may a treatment option for them.

As the above mentioned, peritoneal dialysis uses glucose-base solutions to perform this treatment. Therefore, if diabetics take this therapy to replace their damaged kidneys, they will see a rise in their blood sugar levels. Additionally, the type of sugar-base solutions can affect blood sugar levels. 1.5% dextrose will increase blood sugar level the least, while 4.25% dextrose will increase the most. Therefore, when diabetics do begin peritoneal dialysis, they should monitor their blood sugar levels closely.

In fact, peritoneal dialysis is one reasonable treatment option for most diabetics with kidney disease. If you are worried about high blood sugar and its complications, try to control the intake of salt and fluid so that there isn’t so much fluid needed to be removed by dialysis.

If you still have certain kidney function and urine, some treatments can save your kidneys and avoid dialysis. They are Stem Cell Therapy and Clear Blood Pollution Therapy.

Stem Cell Therapy uses stem cells to differentiate into damaged kidney cells, so as to rebuild kidney structure. Clear Blood Pollution Therapy can not only cleanse the blood but also repair impaired kidney cells.

These three therapies can help save diabetics’ kidneys. If you still have anything unclear, you can contact us directly.

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