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Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes: Alternative Way to Lower Creatinine 4.3 Other than Dialysis

People with Diabetes and creatinine level 4.3 often have not started dialysis yet, so they are very interested to know any alternative way to keep the creatinine low enough so as to avoid dialysis. Hop...[Read More]

How can I Lower My High Creatinine Level with Diabetes

With the deterioration of kidney function, his creatinine level would be progressively going up. Then, how can one lower high creatinine level with Diabetes?...[Read More]

Treatment for Diabetes Type 2, Fasting Sugar 140, HBA 1

Q: My fasting sugar is around 140 and pp around 170, last HBA1 was 7.5. Diabetes is 2 years old (2011), earlier also fasting was nearly 120-130 (without medicine). I am on medicine. Specifically I have...[Read More]

Diabetes Precaution for Treatment

In Diabetics, elevated blood sugar levels in the body may cause serious complications. Thereby, diabetes precaution plays an important in treatment. Oral Care Oral care should have diabetics attention....[Read More]

Natural Herbs to Lower High Blood Sugar Level

High blood sugar level is the major presentation of diabetes. Besides chemical medicines, there are some natural herbs which help to lower high blood sugar level. Natural Herbal Remedy Natural herbal r...[Read More]

Treatment for Childhood Diabetes without Insulin Injection

Type1 Diabetes is a major type in Children Diabetes cases. In Type 1 diabetes its the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas that are destroyed. Read on and find the treatment for childhood diabetes, ...[Read More]

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Medicated Bath for Diabetes

Q: Firstly, I wish you could give me an idea about the Traditional Chinese Medicine and medicated bath treatment. I will get back to you about the arrival date soon. Thank you. A: Thank you for your in...[Read More]

Diabetes:Herbal Remedy VS Chemical Medicine to Control Blood Sugar Level

Using chemical medicine to control blood sugar level is like robbing Peter to pay Paul for Diabetes patients. Because they help regulating blood sugar level, but they either damage kidney or the liver ...[Read More]

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