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Diabetic Nephropathy Basics

Getting Protein Supplying for Diabetic Nephropathy Patient

If suffer form diabetic nephropathy, what should we do to get correct protein supply? Mr. Zhang diagnosed with Proteinuria/Creatinine level 110mg/g, which is over normal range and means kidney involvin...[Read More]

Do Not Let Your Diabetic Nephropathy Become Kidney Failure!

Do not let your diabetic nephropathy become kidney failure! Diabetes is a disorder of glucose metabolism which could influence every organ in human body and increase the organ burden. The incidence and...[Read More]

The Different Stages of Diabetic Nephropathy

The different stages of diabetic nephropathy. As the most serious complication of diabetes, diabetic nephropathy has aroused a lot of peoples attention. Diabetic nephropathy is the main reason of ESRD ...[Read More]

What Is Diabetic Nephropathy?

What Is Diabetic Nephropathy? Nowadays, a large amount people have diabetes, if diabetes cannot be controlled well, it is easy to become diabetic nephropathy. How much information of diabetic nephropat...[Read More]

What To Eat for Breakfast for Patients with Diabetes and Kidney Disease

Breakfast options for people with Diabetes and kidney disease are often limited because there are many dietary restrictions in their daily life. So, quite number of patients have no idea what food they...[Read More]

Suggestions for Diabetics with High Creatinine 2.24

High creatinine 2.24 reveals at least 50% of kidney function has been lost. For diabetics, kidney disease is one common complication. Compared with other types of chronic kidney disease, Diabetic Nephr...[Read More]

Average Survival Rate with Diabetes and CKD

With the characteristics of proteinuria and progressive kidney failure, diabetic kidney disease may aggravate into end stage kidney failure. Do you know the average survival rate with diabetes and CKD?...[Read More]

The Mortality Rate of Diabetic Kidney Disease

What is the mortality rate of diabetic nephropathy? With the changes of lifestyle and eating habits, the incidence of diabetes has become very high. It is reported that diabetes companied with CKD is a...[Read More]

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