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What Is Diabetic Nephropathy?

What Is Diabetic Nephropathy?What Is Diabetic Nephropathy? Nowadays, a large amount people have diabetes, if diabetes cannot be controlled well, it is easy to become diabetic nephropathy. How much information of diabetic nephropathy do you know? Now let we learn something about diabetic nephropathy. If you have any other questions on kidney disease, you can leave your words below or consult our online doctors. We will try our best to help you.

That kind of kidney disease usually occurs the patients who have more than 10 years’ diabetes. We can call it diabetic nephropathy when appear the symptoms same as nephrotic syndrome. Due to diabetes is a kind of usual disease, so about 10 percent patients of secondary nephrotic syndrome and 2 percent nephrotic syndrome patients are caused by diabetes. Diabetic nephropathy is often accompanied by high blood pressure and decreased creatinine clearance rate. The patients will develop to chronic kidney failure if they cannot get the proper treatments timely.

The symptoms of diabetic nephropathy include swelling, proteinuria, anemia, kidney failure and the complications of other organs such as heart failure, neuropathy and retinopathy.

From the aspect of cells, we can call diabetic nephropathy as diabetic glomerular basement membrane. The blood sugar level will be raised and a series of pathological changes will happen to the glomerular inherent cells. The pathological changes normally lead to thickened glomerular basement membrane and narrowed lumen and blood vessel which cause disorders in blood vessel microcirculation, renal ischemia and hypoxia and damages to the blood capillary around the glomerulus and kidney tubules. Together with further inflammatory infiltration, the renal fibrosis will be triggered. Once the renal fibrosis is triggered, phenotypic switches will occur in the kidney inherent cells, large amount of extracellular matrix will be produced which could replace the healthy kidney inherent cells. With the progression of the condition, glomerular sclerosis and necrosis will come to existence. That’s why we refer it as a disease of diabetic glomerular basement membrane.

Then you maybe have a question that what treatments you should have. We use traditional chinese medicine combined proper western medicine to treat that kind of disease. If you want to know more about our treatments, you can consult our online doctor or leave your contact way below.

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