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What Kind of Meat Is Good, What Kind Of Meat is Forbidden, and What Should Eat Less

What Kind of Meat Is Good, What Kind Of Meat is Forbidden, and What Should Eat Less

Recently, we accept many questions about weather diabetes patients can eat meat or not. After consult our experts and search for necessary information, we write this article to solve the questions.

Should Diabetes patients eat meat? Yes, they should. Meat is suggested to provide necessary nutrients, but they have to control the quantity.

Will meat cause blood sugar increase?

Even though mean contains no carbohydrate, but it contains much protein and fat. These two elements can be turn to glucose and elevate blood sugar.

While, eating too much meat will cause the growth of blood fat, blood cholesterol and result in atherosclerosis which is very dangerous.

So, keep this rule in mind that everyday meat ingestion less than 150g.

Which meat is good?

Red meat means pork, beef, mutton; and white meat means fish, shrimp, crab, chicken, and duck. Cholestenone in red meat is much than in white meat. But there are some advantages in red meat. Iron and zinc is much than white meat, and these element can prevent cacotrophy, which is also called as malnutrition, hypoferric anemia or iron-deficiency anemia, and with right amount, red meat is good for health.

We suggest 150g meat everyday, and every 50g of red meat, white meat and fish shrimp meat.

What kind of meat is forbidden?

Pork luncheon meat, sausage, pork floss, ham, smoked chicken, spiced beef. These processing of meat products contain nitrite, and nitrite can be turned into nitrosamine, a carcinogen. So, it is suggested not to eat these kind of products.

What should be controlled?

Lard, pig trip, goat trip, ox trip, pork liver, lamb liver, ox liver, goose liver, and other animal organs. These products’ cholesterol and fat are high and diabetes patients should control the ingestion.

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