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ESRD Basics

What Is the Root Cause of End Stage Renal Disease

End stage renal disease is one severe disorder that can cause various complications, some of which may even be life-threatening. Finding out the root cause of ESRD can make patients get right treatment...[Read More]

What to Expect in End Stage Renal Disease

A diagnosis of end stage renal disease means that you are in the final stage of kidney disease, and your kidneys almost have lost all of their ability, so that the damaged kidneys are not functioning w...[Read More]

Can You Die From End Stage Renal Failure

In general, death from end stage renal failure is considered as a gentle death, so many medical workers would like to die of kidney failure rather than other diseases. From this point, we can know peop...[Read More]

GFR 10: How Long Can I Go Without Dialysis

GFR 10 ml/min means patients kidney disease has aggravated into end stage. We call this condition kidney failure. Then, patients may be recommended to do dialysis. If patients refuse dialysis, how long...[Read More]

Is It A Cause for Concern that Kidneys Have Become Small

You should take it seriously if your kidneys have become small. This is because kidney shrinkage is usually one typical sign of end stage renal disease or kidney failure. When kidney functioning cells ...[Read More]

What Causes Swollen Kidneys

Swollen kidneys, also called enlarged kidneys, is one pathogenic disorder, because kidneys are larger than the size they should have. If you happen to have this problem, you must find out the underlyin...[Read More]

How to Improve Life Expectancy for ESRD with Creatinine 10

How to improve life expectancy for ESRD with creatinine 10? If you or your beloved is plagued by this problem, please keep reading. ESRD suggests a condition in which about 85%-90% kidney function have...[Read More]

If I Have ESRD, What Things Can I Do and Not Do

ESRD is the abbreviation of end stage renal disease. For these patients, any negligence in their daily life may cause irreversible health problem. Then, most of kidney patients want to know what things...[Read More]

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