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How Much Do I Drink in Stage 5 CKD

How Much Do I Drink in Stage 5 CKDIn Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease, most patients are unable to produce enough urine. Then, extra fluid may accumulate in the body easily, causing swelling and high blood pressure. Thereby, patients must want to know how much they can drink with Stage 5 CKD.

In our daily life, there are many types of drinks to provide fluid for our body. In addition to the total amount of fluid intake, which drink to choose should also attract patients’ highly attention. Today, we would like to introduce alcohol, coffee, tea and water for patients with Stage 5 CKD.

Alcohol for patients with Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease

Drinking excessive amount of alcohol is one big threaten even for healthy people, because it may cause damage to various organs and systems such as respiratory system, nerve system, stomach, liver, brain, cardiovascular system, and so on. Patients with end stage renal disease (ESRD) are at a risk of various complications, some of which may be worsened easily by alcohol. From this point, they are suggested to stay away from alcohol.

Coffee for patients with Stage 5 CKD

Coffee is rich in caffeine, which is one source of purine. In our body, purine is metabolized into uric acid, which is eliminated by kidneys. Too much production of uric acid will increase the burden on kidneys and worsen patients’ kidney condition. From this point, these patients can’t drink more than one cup of coffee in their daily life.

Water for patients with Stage 5 CKD

Water is the best drink for these patients, because it can help flush the body and urinary system. Besides, correct amount of water won’t tax the kidneys, so they are recommend to choose water as their fluid source.

The last but not the least, the amount of fluid to drink is the amount of urine output in the previous day plus 500ml. This includes all of your fluid intake. Hopefully, you can find what you want to know. You still have any question? You can leave it in the form below.

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