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ESRD Healthy Lifestyle

Are Coriander Leaves Good for End Stage Kidney Disease Patients

Because coriander leaves have a special fragrance, they can flavor dishes a lot. Unbeknownst to most people, this herb or vegetable is packed with many health benefits. Are coriander leaves good for pa...[Read More]

Can I Eat Pear With ESRD

When kidney disease progresses into end stage, patients should eat fruits carefully, while pear is one fruit commonly seen in our daily life. For healthy people, pear can bring a lot of benefits. Howev...[Read More]

Renal Diet for Stage 5 Kidney Failure with Creatinine 6.58

When kidney patients illness condition has developed into stage 5 kidney failure, patients will need to take various medicines to control their health problems. Among these problems, high creatinine le...[Read More]

Can End Stage Renal Disease Patients Eat Chickpeas

Are chickpeas good for patients with end stage renal disease (ESRD)? With the decline of kidney function, patients are always recommended to develop a low-protein diet plan and take in high-quality pro...[Read More]

Is Carrot Juice Beneficial for ESRD Patient

Can end stage renal disease (ESRD) patients drink carrot juice? Is carrot juice good for ESRD patients? In end stage kidney disease, patients usually have a series of problems because of impaired kidne...[Read More]

What Should I Do With High Creatinine And BUN Level After Kidney Transplant

Kidney transplant is an effective measure to prolong patients lifetime, but patients may often find their creatinine and blood urea level (BUN) levels become higher again. Why patients creatinine and B...[Read More]

Stage 5 Kidney Failure GFR 14 Not on Dialysis: Can I Eat Pineapple

For a person with Stage 5 Kidney Failure GFR 14 not on dialysis, is it ok to eat pineapple?...[Read More]

Stage 5 Kidney Failure: Can I Have Vitamin to Deal with My Insomnia

Some Stage 5 Kidney Failure patients develop many complications such as insomnia. They may wonder, can they take vitamin to relieve insomnia?...[Read More]

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