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Why Some Patients First Diagnose Is Uremia? Ten Signs Help You

Why Some Patients First Diagnose Is Uremia? Ten Signs Help You

In early stage of kidney diseases, you feel nothing, no pain, no uncomfortable, so, it is easy to ignore and is hard to find. When you really feel bad, you are in severe stage, even in fatal condition. Is there any sign we can find in early stage of kidney diseases?

Yes, there are. There are ten signs can help you find kidney disease in early stage.


Edema is one of four complications in nephrotic syndrome. Due to the low protein contain in tissue, edema often starts at lower part of body.

Kidney edema often starts from eyelid and face, sometimes anklets. It is severe in morning. Renal edema is soft and can move to other parts. And when you press with finger, it will form a sank.


Kidney is the most effective organ to eliminate toxins out of body. Except toxins, it can adjust the inner water and salt balance. When you are in kidney disease, above function will decrease and metabolite function as well, so, you will feel fatigue and tired, lack of energy to do anything. Back pain

Some patients will suffer form protein lost. Back muscle is function in support human walking, sitting and bowing. Once lost to much protein, muscle will be hungry and will lead to back pain.

Vomiting and nausea

When in kidney failure stage, toxins can not eliminated through kidneys, but toxins have to be eliminated. So, body will use a abnormal method to eliminate toxins. Stomach and intestinal tract is on primary.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure is one complication commonly seen in kidney disease. It is because the micro blood vessel in kidneys can affect blood pressure.

Foamy urine

Both kidney disease patients and diabetes patients suffer form foamy urine. If foams in urine can not disappear within 30 minutes, it should be suspected as protein urine.

Decrease or increase of urine volume

Normal urine is light yellow and clear. If it looks like tea color, pink or dark, you should to go hospital timely to make further diagnose.

Blood in urine

It is due to micro lesion in tubules, and the, red blood cells leak into urine and lead to blood in urine. It will cause urine color change, pink, brown, deep red, dark, is often seen in this condition.


Anemia has many reasons. Haemopoietin decrease or patients’ react to it decreased will lead to anemia; uremia which affect the producing of blood will lead to anemia, and even unseen bleed will. Anemia can be tested in hospital, when you frequently feel tired, look pale, go to hospital.

Skin itching.

Due to the toxins build up in blood and body and can not eliminate out, then, it will lead to skin itching.

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