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ESRD Treatment

Develop into uremia within two years? Six tips help you avoid it

What is the shortest time have you met between diagnosed with kidney disease to end stage renal disease uremia? And what is the longest time? Actually, it has a large range, from one year to thirty yea...[Read More]

Pay Attention to These Elements May Be You Can Reverse Uremia

We believe that you have seen so many articles about early signs in uremia. Today, we do not talk about early signs but talk about how to slow down the progression of kidney disease and avoid or delay ...[Read More]

Why Some Patients First Diagnose Is Uremia? Ten Signs Help You

In early stage of kidney diseases, you feel nothing, no pain, no uncomfortable, so, it is easy to ignore and is hard to find. When you really feel bad, you are in severe stage, even in fatal condition....[Read More]

ESRD and Hypertension: Natural Treatment Help Control the Blood Pressure

ESRD, End Stage, Renal Disease , is an advanced kidney disease that cause multiple complications and severe kidney conditions. And, when it combined with hypertension, a disease can exacerbate kidney c...[Read More]

End Stage Renal Disease and Toxin-Removing Therapy: Improve Living Condition

End stage renal disease , which is also called as end stage kidney disease, occurs when chronic kidney disease gradually develop into an advanced state. In this stage, reverse is impossible, and is the...[Read More]

Can Creatinine Level 9.7 in Nephritic Syndrome Be Reduced Via Toxin-Removing Therapy

Creatinine level 9.7, a severe condition, when occur in Nephritic Syndrome, will cause complicated condition and leading to severe edema. Can Creatinine level in Nephritic Syndrome be reduced via Toxin...[Read More]

Can High Creatinine Level 8.9 Be Reversed With Natural Treatment

High creatinine level 8.9 is a severe condition and treatment is of great need. Can high creatinien level 8.9 get reversed with natural treatment Toxin-Removing Therapy? High creatinien level 8.9 is in...[Read More]

Can High Creatinine 9.4 Get Reduced with Natural Therapy

High creatinine level 9.4 is in end stage renal disease, uremia. Its a dangerous condition that patients need dialysis to avoid the development and save their life. To reduce the creatinine level and r...[Read More]

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