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FSGS Healthy Lifestyle

Is Peach Ok for FSGS Patients

Aside from medical treatment, kidney patients also pay much attention to their diet. They often ask us what to eat and what to avoid. A Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) patient consults us if ...[Read More]

Is It OK to Drink Lemon Juice with Stage 4 FSGS

Lemon is often used as juice or herbal tea with a lot of nutrition, so patients with Stage 4 FSGS would like to recommend drink some lemon juice. Can patients with Stage 4 FSGS drink lemon juice? Stage...[Read More]

Is It OK to Eat Oranges with FSGS Kidney Disease

FSGS kidney disease is one condition in which a part of kidney filters are scarred. For general population, eating oranges can bring a lot of health benefits. However, once diagnosed with FSGS, patient...[Read More]

Can Patients with Stage 3 FSGS Eat Banana

Is it OK to eat banana for patients with Stage 3 FSGS? FSGS affects many patients life quality, and banana is one common fruit. Stage 3 FSGS means kidneys are functioning at 30%~59%, so patients should...[Read More]

Can FSGS Patients Do Swimming

FSGS causes scarring in kidneys, and then damaged kidneys will induce a series of symptoms and complications gradually. To improve patients immune system, they are suggested to do gentle exercise gradu...[Read More]

Is It OK to Eat Longan with FSGS

Longan or dragons eye can be found in any big supermarket. This fruit tastes sweat and has a lot of nutrition, so it is liked by many people. FSGS is one disease that causes scarring on kidneys. To slo...[Read More]

Exercise to Control High Blood Pressure for FSGS Patients

High blood pressure is usually the common symptom of FSGS, and it is one factor to affect patients prognosis. Exercise is one natural approach to control hypertension. However, FSGS patients can develo...[Read More]

Can Stage 4 FSGS Patients Eat Jackfruit

Just like orange, lemon and apple, jackfruit is also one common fruit in our daily life, and many people like to eat jackfruit. Because of its high amount of nutrient like vitamin, minerals, electrolyt...[Read More]

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