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High BUN Level

What Must I Do to Get Creatinine 4.44 and Urea 145 Down

Normally, our kidneys are great organs that can clear unwanted substances including creatinine and urea completely. Creatinine 4.44 and urea 145 both are much higher than the normal. Do they indicate k...[Read More]

What Should I Do If My Urea Level Is Above 170

Blood urea level above 170 is higher than 60 mg/dl, which is one index to determine kidney disease has progressed into uremic stage. If it is diagnosed that patients high urea level is due to kidney pr...[Read More]

What Precautions Need with Creatinine 6.1, Urea 123 and Hemoglobin 7.5

Creatinine 6.1 and urea 123 are caused by low kidney function, and hemoglobin 7.5 is associated with renal anemia.To protect the remaining kidney functioning cells and alleviate renal anemia, some prec...[Read More]

When to Be Concerned About BUN Level

When should the person be concerned about his or her BUN level? Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) is one blood test item that measures the amount of nitrogen which comes from urea, one terminal protein metabol...[Read More]

How to Bring Down High BUN 145

In China, BUN higher than 60 mg/dl is one index to determine patients’ kidney disease has progressed into end stage. Therefore, it is a must to bring down high BUN 145 timely and effectively....[Read More]

Can Cucumber Help Reduce High Blood Urea Nitrogen Level

Cucumber is one great vegetable, because it contains a lot of nutritions. High blood urea nitrogen (BUN) level means extra waste products build up in the body, while cucumber has the effect of detoxify...[Read More]

Natural Remedies to Lower Urea 66 and Creatinine 3.4

Both blood urea and creatinine levels are blood test items to reflect kidney function. Regardless of diet plan and unhealthy living habits, urea 66 and creatinine 3.4 usually shows kidneys are damaged ...[Read More]

At What Level Blood Urea Is Dangerous

Urea is one waste product of protein metabolism. If too much urea builds up in the blood, it will introduce a series of problems. Some of them are even dangerous. Today, we will talk about at what leve...[Read More]

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