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High BUN Level

How to Reduce Urea Level in the Blood Naturally

Urea is one terminal product of protein metabolism, and BUN is used in clinic to test the urea level in the blood. Once urea level in the blood is higher than the normal, it may indicate kidney problem...[Read More]

What Does 178 Blood Urea Indicate

What does 178 blood urea mean? Blood urea is another blood test item used commonly to reflect how well kidneys are functioning. If you happen to be tested out urea 178, you must want to its meaning and...[Read More]

What Causes A Person’s BUN Level To Increase

BUN refers to blood urea nitrogen, which is a common standard to assess patients kidney function and body health condition. And for patients with kidney disease, a common condition that often appears i...[Read More]

What Diet Can Help Lower High Blood Urea Nitrogen

Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) is a major end product of protein, and it should be filtrated out by kidney. While when patients with kidney disease have high BUN, that usually means their kidney function is...[Read More]

What Are The Reasons For High Level Of Blood Urea

Urea is a major end product of protein, which should be filtrated out by kidney. For patients with kidney disease, high urea level in blood is a common condition, and that can cause many health problem...[Read More]

What Does Having More Urea In The Blood Mean

For patients with kidney disease, a common abnormal condition in their body is high urea. Even though this condition can also appear in healthy people, but it has very different meaning in patients wit...[Read More]

What Diet Can Help Lower High BUN Level In CKD

For patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD), high blood urea nitrogen (BUN) is often a dangerous sign that should be paid attention by them. High BUN level often indicates patient has severe kidney ...[Read More]

What Types Of Foods Lead To High Blood Urea Nitrogen

High blood urine nitrogen (BUN) is a common condition for patient with kidney disease. High BUN can be caused by many factors, but for patient with kidney disease, it is more likely to be caused by kid...[Read More]

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