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High Creatinine Level

What should I do with High Urine Acid and High Creatinine Level

High urine acid is a severe condition that will cause numerous complications, such as gout. If we suffer from high urine acid, what should we do? How to improve kidney conditions and reduce urine acid?...[Read More]

How to Reduce High Creatinine Level 421μmoI/L in Kidney Disease

When serum creatinine level increase to 421moI/L, it means you are almost in kidney failure stage. What should we do in this stage? Which Treatment can help control kidney condition and release complic...[Read More]

Reduce High Creatinine Level 4.59 in CKD with Natural Treatment

Creatinine level indicates the kidney conditions. When creatinine level starts to increase, it means your kidney function is less than 50%. If creatinine level is 4.59, it means the kidney function has...[Read More]

Can Creatinine Level 900+ Get Reduced with Natural Treatment

Creatinine level is a sign of kidney damage, and once it sheering into 400+, it means a kidney failure stage. There are some patients that their creatinine level sheering up to 900+. Can we use nat...[Read More]

Why Diabetic Nephropathy Cause Back Pain

Diabetic Nephropathy has different causes and nosogenesis, include insulin absolute or relative deficiency that causes the glycoprotein and fat dysbolism. It is a systemic disease with hypermetropia as...[Read More]

High Creatinine and Natural Treatment: How to Reduce High Creatinine Level 5.4

High creatinine level is a sign of kidney damage. And when it sheers up to 5.4, it means a kidney failure stage and treatment should be used timely to control the progression of it. Which treatment can...[Read More]

Creatinine Level 6.3 and Natural Treatment: How to Release Skin Itching in This Stage

High creatinine level is a severe condition, it can cause kidney failure which means kidney can not eliminate toxins and extra fluids as effective as before. And, there will be some complications occur...[Read More]

High Creatinine Level 6.8 and Natural Treatment: Which Treatment Can Lower That

High creatinin level is a sign of kidney damage. What should patients do if serum creatinine (Scr) level sheering to 6.8, a kidney failure stage? Is there a treatment, a natural treatment can avoid dia...[Read More]

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