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High Creatinine Level

Recommended Fruits and Avoided Fruits for High Creatinine Level

Q: My daughters creatinine is 5.4. It has been elevated for several months now. Is there any recommended fruits and avoided ones for high creatinine level? A: Thank you for your inquiry, madam. High cr...[Read More]

What Serum Creatinine 6.5 Mean and Alternative Therapy to Dialysis

Q: Hi, I have high creatinine 6.5mg/dl. Is there any alternative opinion instead of dialysis? I just got my test result today. My doctor suggested Dialysis, but I think it should be the last choice for...[Read More]

Can Serum Creatinine Be Lowered to Normal Without Dialysis

Serum Creatinine is the by products of muscular metabolism, which can be removed out of the blood by functioning kidneys. When kidneys are diseased, dialysis can keep a normal creatinine level. Dialysi...[Read More]

Herbal Treatment to Lower High Creatinine Level and Blood Urea Level

I need to decrease my urea and creatine levels, prefer a herbal treatment please. Our website receive many message similar with this one recently. Today, Id like to bring some info about herbal treatme...[Read More]

What Does Low Creatinine Level Mean

Low creatinine levels usually does not mean harmful causes, but in a few cases, it may indicate the presence of serious medical conditions. If you are undergoing lower creatinine level, it may result f...[Read More]

What Are the High Creatinine Level Symptoms

Creatinine is by-product of muscle metabolism. High creatinine levels may result from various factors, such as increased muscle mass, strenuous exercise, food abuse and diseased kidneys. And what are t...[Read More]

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