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Kidney Cyst Basics

Kidney Cyst Be Shrunk by Toxin-Removing Therapy

Toxin-Removing Therapy is TCM based treatment invented for chronic kidney disease. Effect as it is, can it be used in shrink kidney cyst? Toxin-Removing Therapy is a treatment invented in 2014. Combine...[Read More]

Why I Have The Kidney Cyst?

Why I have the kidney cyst? That must be the question for many kidney cyst patients. And many patients think their cysts is very small and they do not have any uncomfortable feeling which would make pa...[Read More]

What Are The Hazards of Renal Cysts?

What are the hazards of renal cysts? The biggest harm of kidney cyst is can cause kidney failure. But not all renal cysts patients would become kidney failure. Why? Only get the proper treatments timel...[Read More]

Cysts in Kidney: When Should Be Concerned

Kidney Cysts are the the most common incidentally noted abnormalities on imaging examination, and the incidence increases with advancing age. Most kidney cysts are simple or benign meaning no treatment...[Read More]

Is OK to Take Parsley Tea When You Have Parapelvic Cyst on Kidney

Healthy Diet and drinks are very important to for patients with parapelvic cyst. Because right eating habits can help control the progression of illness condition, while wrong eating plans will speed u...[Read More]

Is Renal Cyst Something to Be Concerned About

Is renal cyst something to be councerned about? It should depens on the type, size and location of kidney cyst. If you happen to have kidney cyst, find out whether it is dangerous from the following co...[Read More]

Should I Worry About 3 Cysts in One Kidney

It is reported that more than 50% of people above age 60 have at least one kidney cyst. Generally, if this kidney cyst is simple, patients dont need to worry about it. However, 3 cysts in one kidney ar...[Read More]

Other Causes for 14 Cysts in the Right Kidney If Not PKD

If there are several cysts in the kidneys but they are not caused by Polycystic Kidney Disease, we call them multiple kidney cysts. Making clear the causes of this problem can help prevent multiple kid...[Read More]

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