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Kidney Cyst Basics

Is 9 cm Parapelvic Cyst Dangerous

Is 9 cm parapelvic cyst dangerous? The location classifies kidney cysts into several types, while parapelvic cyst is just one common kind of kidney cyst that generates from renal sinus. If it is kept i...[Read More]

Is Creatinine 1.8 Serious with Kidney Cyst

Hi, doctor! My father was diagnosed with kidney cyst and his creatinine level is 1.8. He is 56 years old. Is this serious? Please give me some suggestions---A message left on our website. As a matter o...[Read More]

Can Kidney Cysts Be Cancerous

Can kidney cyst be cancerous? According to characteristics, kidney cyst is classified into two types: simple and complex kidney cyst. Generally speaking, simple kidney cyst wont progress into kidney ca...[Read More]

What Happens if a Kidney Cyst Bursts

What happens if a kidney cyst bursts? Kidney cyst is one mass filled with fluid growing in the kidneys. If the kidney cyst grows to a certain size, any knock at kidney area may cause kidney cyst ruptur...[Read More]

What Can Cause A Kidney Cyst To Grow

Kidney cyst will grow gradually, which will damage patients kidney function when it is big enough. And the bigger the kidney cyst is, the severer the damage to kidney function will be. So, it is import...[Read More]

Can 6 Centimeter Kidney Cyst Cause Large Amount Of Blood In Urine

Kidney cyst can grow gradually, and if patient has polycystic kidney disease (PKD), his kidneys can be so large that fill patients whole enterocoelia. While if patient has simple kidney cyst, his progr...[Read More]

Two Cysts In Left Kidney And Blood In Urine

If a patient has two cysts in his left kidney and blood in his urine, what he can know from these informations? Is this condition severe? Kidney cyst can be divied into three kinds, and they are polycy...[Read More]

Can A Kidney Cyst Cause High Protein In Urine

Patient with kidney disease can have many complications in their body, and it is common for patient to have proteinuria, which means the level of protein in patients urine is higher than normal. For pa...[Read More]

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