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Kidney Cyst Basics

Is Enlarged Kidney Serious

Kidney is an important organ for our body, but due to some causes, people may have a condition that their kidneys become enlarged. Sometimes, both kidneys are enlarged, and sometimes this juts appears ...[Read More]

What Are The Dangers Of Ruptured Cyst in kidney

Patient with polycystic kidney disease or kidney cyst will have to face the risk that his kidney cyst may rupture. And what dangerous effects may be caused by kidney cyst rupture? As the cyst size beco...[Read More]

How To Know If A Kidney Cysts Bursts

For patient with polycystic kidney disease or kidney cyst, as his kidney cysts grow big, they will burst easily if they are hit by any external force. While how can patient know if a kidney cyst has bu...[Read More]

What Happen If Kidney Cysts Burst

For patient with PKD or kidney cyst, as the growth of their cysts, they may have this condition that patients kidney cysts burst. While what will happen if patient;s kidney cysts burst? Problems caused...[Read More]

I Have IgA Nephropathy And I Use Aspirin To Treat My Purpura, Is It Bad

If a patient has IgA nephropathy, is it bad for him to use aspirin to treat his purpura? IgA nephropathy is a autoimmune kidney disease, and it progresses gradually, which can cause patient to have kid...[Read More]

What Can Cause Kidney Cyst To Burst

Kidney cyst is a chronic kidney d isease, and the cysts in patients kidneys will grow gradually. When the cysts are big, they can it bust due to some reasons. Kidney cyst will not burst when its size i...[Read More]

Does kidney Cyst Cause Tiredness

Does kidney cyst cause tiredness? Patients with kidney cyst may have this question. In fact, the truth is it does. Patients may have no symptoms when their kidney cysts are small, which can not cause a...[Read More]

What Is Cortical Cyst

What is cortical cyst? This may be a question of many patients who have kidney cyst. To deal with their disease more appropriately, it is necessary for kidney cyst patients to have a better understandi...[Read More]

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