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What are the causes of enlarged kidney

What are the causes of enlarged kidney

Enlarged kidney is a dangerous kidney disease to patients, because there is no therapy that can cure or stop this disease. The enlarged part will damage the normal kidney function, and it will progress until patients’ kidneys are transplanted. As a result, many people may want to know: what are the causes of enlarged kidney?

In fact, enlarged kidney is caused by kidney cyst, so the reasons that cause this kidney disease are also the reasons of enlarged kidney.

The reasons of kidney cyst can be congenital or acquired. In the process of growth, when the connection between collection tube and kidney tubules has problems, the emunctory which is closed in one extremity may be connected with kidney tubules which well function, so the fluid will accumulate in emunctory , and then kidney cyst may form.

What ingredients can cause kidney cyst?

·One of the causes of kidney cyst is gene mutation. As we know, PKD is a kind of kidney cyst. Patients mainly get PKD from their parents’ heredity, but there are some cases that form in the stage of embryogenesis, and these cases are caused by gene mutation.

·Foods is another reason that can cause kidney cyst. As we know, bad habits of diet can cause many diseases, and kidney cyst can also be caused in some conditions, such as eating too much, having foods which are dirty and having imbalance diet in a long period, etc.

·Kidney cyst can also form due to the developmental defect. The developmental defect can cause many disease. To patients with kidney cyst, it mainly causes medullary sponge kidney and PKD.

·Infection is another major reason that can cause kidney cyst. Infection can change the internal circumstance, and turn it into a circumstance which is beneficial to the changes of cyst gene, and which is in favor of the growth of kidney cyst.

·Another common caus of kidney cyst is toxin. Toxin can cause the damages in organs and tissues, and it may cause kidney cyst when the damages occur in kidney. What’s more, toxin is also a major reason of gene mutation.

Kidney cyst is very dangerous to body health, so it is very necessary to learn how to prevent this disease. Some basic tips are important, like having reasonable diet, doing regular exercise, preventing infection, and so on. In addition, you can also consult our online experts if you have any question, and we are glad to help you.

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