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Kidney Cyst Healthy Lifestyle

What Foods to Avoid When a Patient Has a Kidney Cyst

If kidney cyst is small, patients dont need to worry about their kidney condition. However, if patients kidney cyst is larger than 5 cm, patients will have some symptoms. Making clear what foods to avo...[Read More]

Restricted Foods for Kidney Cyst Patients

Kidney cyst is one harmless disorder for most patients, but it will cause some problems if it becomes too large. In order to slow down the growth of kidney cyst, patients should follow a healthy diet p...[Read More]

What Foods to Eat and Avoid with Large Kidney Cyst

If kidney cyst is too large, patients should take active treatments to shrink them. In this case, a healthy diet plan can support medical therapy to improve patients health condition a lot. Thereby, it...[Read More]

Is Mung Bean Good for Renal Cortical Cyst

As introduced by dietitians, mung bean can help protect liver and kidneys, because it contains rich trypsin inhibitor that can help reduce the breakdown of protein and decline the risk of azotemia. For...[Read More]

Is Chocolate Bad for Renal Cyst

Renal cyst, also known as kidney cyst, is one common kidney disorder especially in elderly people. If the kidney cyst is small and simple, it doesnt cause any problem. However, to prevent its growth, a...[Read More]

What Food To Eat For Patients With Kidney Cysts

Kidney cyst is a kidney disease which can not be cured, and it can damage patients health severely. To improve their condition, patients should learn to change their life habits, among which their diet...[Read More]

Kidney Cysts: Is It Ok to Drink Coffee

The food you choose to eat and drink may help slow progression of symptoms related to this disease. Is it ok to drink coffee for people with Kidney Cysts?...[Read More]

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