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Kidney Cyst Symptoms

Can Kidney Cyst Cause High Blood Pressure

Can kidney cyst cause high blood pressure? We have accepted this question from some patients with kidney cyst. As we know, kidney cyst will not cause any symptom in its early stage, especially when pat...[Read More]

Symptoms Of Kidney Cyst Bursting

Kidney cyst can damage patients kidneys gradually and severely. while when the cysts are big enough, they will have the risk of bursting, and this may also cause some complications and symptoms to pati...[Read More]

Kidney Cyst And Tingling In Legs And Hands

In the late stage of kidney cyst, many patients have tingling in their legs and hands. Patients may be curious about why they have this symptom, and they may worry if this is very serious. In fact, tin...[Read More]

Enlarged Kidney Symptoms

Patients with kidney disease usually have many symptoms, but to patients with enlarged kidney, they may not have any obvious presentation in a long period. While as it progresses, it will also have som...[Read More]

Constant Fever with Kidney Cyst: Causes and Treatment

Typically, Kidney Cyst doesn't cause signs or symptoms. If the kidney grows large enough, symptoms may occur including constant fever....[Read More]

Kidney Cysts: High Phosphate, High BUN, GFR14

Q: I have Kidney Disease for more than 6 years. I attach my blood test and urine test, as well as ultrasound test results for your information, please offer me some suggestions. Thanks. A: I got your e...[Read More]

Kidney Cyst Rupture Symptoms

Kidney cyst is a kidney problem characterized by fluid filled sacs located in the kidneys. When the kidney cyst is large enough, cyst rupture may occur at any time. Here are the symptoms of kidney cyst...[Read More]

2.8cm Cyst on Right Kidney and 6.4cm Cyst on Left Kidney

Q: there are one cyst in each of my kidneys. My left kidney is as large as 8*4.5cm and my right kidney is as large as 8*4.3 cm. The cyst on right kidney is 2.8cm and 6.4cm on left kidney. And my 24-hou...[Read More]

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