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Kidney Cyst Symptoms

Can a Cyst on Kidney Burst and Cause Bloody Urine

In some cases, kidney cyst just stay in its size and enlarges very slowly while in other cases, the cysts may develop in a high speed. When kidney cyst enlarges in a certain size or with the intrusion ...[Read More]

Hematuria and Kidney Cyst

Kidney cyst refers to the fluid-sac on the kidney. The size of kidney cyst varies from person to person. I see the small size as large as 0.1cm while the large size is more than 20cm. Usually, the larg...[Read More]

Can A Cyst on Kidney Cause Blood in Urine

The morbidity of Cyst on kidneys increases when people are over 50 years old. As the kidney cyst enlargement, you may feel some symptoms. Can a cyst on kidney cause blood in urine? Kidneys Kidneys are ...[Read More]

Kidney Cyst: High Creatinine, Low GFR, Swelling, Normal Urine Output

It is really a rare condition that experiencing the low GFR, high creatinine, but urine output is normal, and showing no swelling over the body in case of kidney cyst. That means that although the rena...[Read More]

Kidney Cyst and Proteinuria

Proteinuria , also known as Protein in urine, presents foam in urine. It is a common indicator of kidney damage. Also it presents in people with Kidney Cyst. What cause proteinuria in kidney cyst? Of c...[Read More]

Cyst Rupture and Kidney Cyst

People over 50 years old have risk to develop kidney cyst. Usually, many people live with kidney cyst for many years without knowing it, because kidney cyst usually causes no symptoms. And this is why ...[Read More]

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