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What Does Multiple Bilateral Kidney Cysts Feel Like

What Does Multiple Bilateral Kidney Cysts Feel LikeAs its name implies, multiples bilateral kidney cysts means that there are many filled-fluid pouches on both kidneys. Well then, what does multiple bilateral kidney cysts feel like?

According to types of renal cysts, these cysts may be the PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease), Simple Renal Cyst and Complex renal cyst.

I. PKD is an inherited condition in which multiple cysts develop throughout the kidneys. These cysts increase in size with advancing age and lead to kidney enlargement, progressive destruction of normal renal tissues and gradual loss of renal function. One third of patients with polycystic kidney disease will also develop cysts elsewhere, such as in the liver, pancreas, spleen or ovary. With the kind of renal cysts, you will suffer from the following conditions:

1. Acute loin pain or severe back pain.

2. Swelling abdomen caused by enlargement of the kidneys

3. Hypertension

4. Kidney malfunction

5. Blood in urine or hematuria.

II. In addition, it is also common to find multiple simple renal cysts in persons who do not have PKD. the locations and sizes of kidneys cysts will determine what problems you will suffer. The cysts may be renal cortex cysts, parapelvic cysts and renal parenchymal cysts. Then, you will also suffer from corresponding symptoms:

1. Urinary tract blockage or infection

2. Pyelonephritis

3. Burning or painful sensation during urination

4. Swelling or fluid retention

Actually, no matter which cysts do you have now, I can definitely tell that you won’t feel their existence and any discomfort unless they enlarge and oppress the kidneys and other organs. In clinic, no treatment is needed when the cysts are in small size (less than 3 cm), while once they become larger than 3cm, generally speaking, patients will suffer from some symptoms. Therefore, it is important to take effective treatments to stop the cysts’ growth and shrink them naturally. Are you interested in Chinese herbal medicines? They can help shrink cysts naturally without surgery and pain. To know more, feel free to contact with our Online Doctor or send email to You will get free help within 48 hours.

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