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Kidney Cyst Treatment

Shrink Kidney Cysts 3.6 cm with Natural Treatment in China

Kidney cysts is a structural disorder that cause cysts grow in kidneys. What should we do to shrink kidney cysts with natural treatment ? Different to Polycystic Kidney Disease, kidney cysts will hardl...[Read More]

Shrink Kidney Cysts 43.5mm with Natural Treatment

Cortical kidney cysts are common seen after the invention of CT and B-Type Ultrasound. As a structural disorder with unknown causes, which treatment can help shrink them? Cortical kidney cysts often oc...[Read More]

Can Kidney Cyst 3.2*4.7cm Get Reversed with Toxin-Removing Therapy

Kidney cyst is a common structure disorder, it means fluids leak into kidney and from a cyst. It is not a tumour or something mortal. But we dont mean cyst is harmlessness, it worth tension. Normally, ...[Read More]

Is Kidney Cyst 4.5cm Reversible With Natural Therapy

Kidney cyst is structural disorder related to age and gender. When patients suffer from it, medical treatment is of necessary to shrink it incase of further damage or acute kidney failure. But which th...[Read More]

What Treatment Is Available for Kidney Cyst

Kidney cyst is a common disease happens on adult. Unilateral or bilateral is both commonly to be seen. What treatment can be used to treat kidney cyst? What is kidney cyst? Kidney cyst is common kidney...[Read More]

Have A Cyst in Kidney? Look Here!

Have a cyst in kidney? Look here! Multiple renal cystic disease is a common disease and could appear in any age. Generally do not have any obvious symptom. But the size of cyst must bigger than 3cm if ...[Read More]

Hemorrhagic Renal Cyst Management

A hemorrhagic renal cyst is characterized by hemorrhage or bleeding into the cyst. If left untreated or without good management, patients will suffer from more complex conditions. Therefore, it is very...[Read More]

Chinese Herbal Aid for Patients with Parapelvic Cyst

There is no doubt that surgery is commonly used for removing the bigger parapelvic cysts for patients. However, it can do nothing to small cysts. Here we will introduce the Chinese herbal aid, which no...[Read More]

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