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Kidney Cyst Treatment

What Do You Recommend for 6.5*3.2 cm Kidney Cyst

Simple kidney cyst is harmless if kept in small size, but 6.5*3.2 cm kidney cyst is so big that may cause damage to kidneys easily. How to deal with this kidney cyst effectively? If patients want to re...[Read More]

Is Herbal Tea Helpful for Renal Cortical Cyst

Renal cortical cyst is one common type of simple kidney cyst. Although it may be asymptomatic, patients should also pay highly attention to it. Some kinds of herbal tea can help manage renal cortical c...[Read More]

Treatment for 5cm Left Renal Cyst with Hypertension

5 cm left renal cyst has been enough big to cause some symptoms. In many cases, kidney cyst and hypertension may coexist in same patients. To protect kidneys and prevent more severe complications, pati...[Read More]

What Is The Treatment for Renal Cortical Cyst 48*32mm

Renal cortical cyst 48*32 mm has been quite large, so patients may suffer from some discomforts and symptoms. In this case, patients should take some effective treatment to shrink their kidney cyst tim...[Read More]

Turmeric Benefits on Kidney Cyst

Turmeric is also called curcumin that can be used as both spice or herb especially in India. Kidney cyst is one disorder that can happen at any age but more commonly in the elder. Is turmeric beneficia...[Read More]

Is Surgery A Must for A Left Renal Parapelvic Cyst

Is surgery a must for left renal parapelvic cyst? The location can divide kidney cysts into different types, while parapelvic cyst and renal cortical cyst are most common types of renal cysts. In weste...[Read More]

Herbal Medicine to Shrink Large Kidney Cysts with Creatinine 3.7

No matter what is the exact type of kidney cyst, large renal cysts replace inherent kidney tissues gradually. If more than 50% of kidney function is lost, serum creatinine level will increase. Creatini...[Read More]

Is Kidney Cyst Curable

Even though simple kidney cyst wont cause life-threatening complications, it may affect patients life quality largely through causing back pain, attacking kidney functioning tissues, and so on. Then, i...[Read More]

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