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Kidney transplant for Kidney Disease

Adderall XR for Kidney Transplant Patients

No all patients need to take Adderall XR before or after kidney transplant, but some patients do need. If you have done kidney transplantation, have you suffered from any side effect? Do you know very ...[Read More]

Can eGFR 29 Avoid Dialysis and Kidney Transplant

eRFG 29 means kidney failure and in this stage, dialysis will be suggested. If still progressing, transplant is the final choice. Can eGFR 29 avoid dialysis and kidney transplant? Which treatment is al...[Read More]

Kidney Failure Treatment without Dialysis : Toxin-Removing Therapy

When we talk about kidney failure, dialysis is the first treatment occur to us. But due to many reasons, more and more patients want alternatives. Here we introduce Toxin-Removing Therapy for you. Toxi...[Read More]

Use Kidney Transplant to Get off Dialysis? Only Four Kind of Patients Can

Dialysis causes suffers. Patients may feel uncomfortable, and want to And want to yes, want something can help get rid of it. So, it seems the only hope is kidney transplant. They start to dream that o...[Read More]

Can People with One Kidney Living a Normal Life

We all know that there will be kidney transplant for patients with kidney failure or uremia. Besides the donor who diet, there still have alive donor and they have to continue their life. Well, can peo...[Read More]

Is Kidney Transplant Necessary for Creatinine Level 3.2?

Kidney transplant is the final treatment for kidney diseases, it usually used in kidney failure stage and ESRD-uremia. But is it necessary for creatinine level 3.2 patients in chtonic kidney disease? W...[Read More]

How Long the Kidney Transplant Works for the Patient

When you are diagnosed with advanced and permanent Kidney Failure, Kidney Transplant can be your treatment option that allows you to live more longer. Many renal failure patients concern more about how...[Read More]

Possible Treatments for High Creatinine Level After Kidney Transplant

High Creatinine Level after kidney transplant is a common complain among Kidney Failure patients who experienced the surgery. Well then, is there any other treatments to reduce elevated creatinine leve...[Read More]

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