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Use Kidney Transplant to Get off Dialysis? Only Four Kind of Patients Can

Use Kidney Transplant to Get off Dialysis? Only Four Kind of Patients Can

Dialysis causes suffers. Patients may feel uncomfortable, and want to …

And want to …yes, want something can help get rid of it.

So, it seems the only hope is kidney transplant. They start to dream that one day, after finding a suitable donor and got rid of dialysis, leaded to a happy life. They can not wait to announce to the world, I need a kidney, I want transplant.

But, let along the high cost of kidney transplant, and the rare of suitable and matched renal, just we think about how long can we survive after transplant in uremia stage?

According to the official data, with the development of technology and the wide application of anti-reject medicine, the survival rate of kidney transplant increased.

Statistics of over 500 transplantation centers show the longest-surviving after transplant is 47 years. Amazing, didn’t it? It seems we should all choose transplant as the final solution. After all, it provide us another life, another healthier life.

But, there always a BUT, there is another question waiting us: Which kind of patients are suitable for kidney transplant?

There we introduce you the four type kidney disease that suitable for transplant.

1. Nephritis

Nephritis is a most seen disease which as a primary cause to uremia at end stage renal disease. It is also a most suitable kidney disease for transplant. But, mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis, focal sclerosing glomerulonephritis, IgA Nephritis, and Anti-basement membrane nephropathy has half risk of relapse even though transplanted. Clinical data shows it is not very often for primary disease to cause kidney function lost. This may benefit from the use of anti-reject medicine. So, we suggest that before doing transplant, do identify the primary cause of kidney disease. if you have the above disease which has high risk of relapsing, do transplant after its stable for at least half a year.

2. Hereditary disease

Taking PKD for example, this kind of patients is suitable for transplant. It is a genetic disorder, which often leads to kidney insufficient after the age of 40. But it does not mean we should do transplant once we diagnosed with PKD. We should stabilize the condition first, and then, before developing into uremia, carry on transplant.

3. Immunological diseases

It mainly refers to lupus nephritis. Due to the treating theory is similar to the use of transplant, so, after that, it is rare to relapse.

4. Hypertensive nephropathy

Hypertensive nephropathy cause chronic kidney disease, and it can also develop into uremia. After transplant, high blood pressure will be improved, and the kidney condition and blood system as well. The matter needs to attention is that control high blood pressure is of great necessary.

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