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How does Massage Work for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

Today, massage can also be used to help Chronic Kidney Disease. Then, how does massage work for CKD?...[Read More]

Dialysis: What Kind of Indoor Exercises are Proper

Exercise is of great importance for persons on dialysis.Patients can do proper indoor exercises as below....[Read More]

Lavender Tea and Kidney Disease

Lavender is used to prepare a series of natural remedies with many problems. It is also beneficial for patients with kidney disease. It usually shows no direct effects on Kidney Damage, but helps relie...[Read More]

Marshmallow Tea and Kidney Disease

Marshmallow as a medical herb, has been recommended to treat Kidney Disease in many cases. This article will talk about marshmallow tea and kidney disease. Marshmallow Tea and Kidney Disease Consumptio...[Read More]

Acupuncture for Kidney Management

The new research find that acupuncture can stimulate the of Shenshu acupoint, which can promote urinary function, decrease the red or white blood cell in urine, lower blood pressure and alleviate swell...[Read More]

Acupuncture Is Making New History Now

Acupuncture and massage serve as health care and medical treatment, which help balance the flow of energy of life force. In very ancient times, human just feel pain relief occasionally, when body parts...[Read More]

How to Improve Immune System for Renal Disease Patients

It is more important for Renal Disease patients to improve immune system, because any attacks to their immunity may worse their kidney functions. How to improve immune system for renal disease patients...[Read More]

Chinese Herbs & Kidney Transplant

Kidney transplant is the last choice for many patients with severe Kidney Disease. Chinese herbs help manage a better kidney and prevent many complications of transplantation. Chinese Herbs Chinese her...[Read More]

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