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Chinese Herbal Bath Therapy and Kidney Disease

Chinese Herbal Bather Therapy is a traditional Chinese treatment which has been established for more than 3.000 years. It shows a holistic effects for kidney disease, which not only alleviates the symp...[Read More]

Increasing Urine Output in Dialysis Patient

In some cases, dialysis patients may experience increase urine output. What does it mean? Is it a good sign or bad sign? Read on and find the answer that may be helpful to manage a better kidney. What ...[Read More]

Can Acupuncture Help Improve Kidney Function

Acupuncture is a branch Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In the view of TCM, kidneys are the organ which relates to aging, growth, fertility, maturation and sexuality etc. Can acupuncture help impro...[Read More]

How to Care for The Kidneys

Kidneys are important organs to remove the waste products in the body. If it is damaged, it may cause various symptoms which will develop in Kidney Failure without timely control. Read on and find how ...[Read More]

Will Kidney Disease Affect Sexual Intercourse

Kidney Disease doesnt always affect sexual intercourse. However, in some cases, kidney disease affects sexual intercourse both physically and emotionally. This article will talk about how kidney diseas...[Read More]

Nettle Tea and Kidney Disease

Nettle tea has been used as natural remedy for hundreds of years. It is approved nettle tea helps remedy many internal medical condition. Is nettle tea beneficial to Kidney Disease? Kidney Disease Kidn...[Read More]

Prevent Flu or cold, if You Are Kidney Disease Patient

When you are diagnosed with kidney disease, your doctor will suggest to prevent flu or cold. For more kidney disease patients, there is an underlying immune disorder. Once there is a trigger, such as c...[Read More]

Overweight (Obesity) And Kidney Disease

It seems overweight (obesity) is unrelated tissues. However, a research from Thailand indicated overweight increase the kidney disease risks. How does obesity affect your kidneys? High blood pressure H...[Read More]

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